On-Demand Webinar: Business Model Insights for Emerging Sanitation Technologies

Mar 31, 2020

In complex sanitation markets, successfully commercializing emerging sanitation technologies proves to be as much about a company’s business model as its technical offering, especially for those companies targeting bottom of the pyramid markets. At the same time, understanding how to identify, test, and refine business model ideas poised for market success and social impact can be daunting. Where do you start? What factors should you consider? What tools and resources are available to support you in this process?

STeP’s webinar entitled “Business Model Insights for Emerging Sanitation Technologies” shares our experience tackling these questions for an emerging class of sanitation technologies: The Reinvented Toilet.

The webinar addresses the following topics:

  • Why do business models matter for the sanitation sector?
  • What is unique about the Reinvented Toilet that needs to be represented in emerging business models?
  • What ideas for Reinvented Toilet business models might you consider as a starting point?
  • What else beyond business model innovation is needed to ensure sustainable, high-impact market-based sanitation solutions?

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Business model, Reinvented toilet, business model design, business model testing, customer discovery
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