India Water Market Analysis

May 7, 2019

This report aims to help partners and system developers identify industries representing target markets for the sale of Ankur Omni Processor (A-OP) water in India. These sales have the potential to offset some of the costs associated with building and operating a A-OP. Many industries that originally looked promising for A-OP water sales were screened out because of end-user acceptance issues, low volumes procured, low prices paid, and/or startup challenges. Two markets—battery manufacturing and coolant manufacturing—were identified as possible target markets segments. Water buyers in these markets did not voice acceptance concerns for J-OP water and sometimes buy at prices and volumes that may allow for recoup of some, but not all, of A-OP costs. However, to sell into these markets, an A-OP operator would likely have to identify locations with a high enough concentration of buyers, have to compete with established local water suppliers to win market share, and incur startup costs associated with selling into these markets.

Key topics:

  • Better manufacturing market
  • Engine coolant manufacturing market
  • Price ranges and factors impacting price
  • Production costs for purified water
  • Potential business models for A-OP
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