New Report Available from BCG: Reinvented Toilet Early Adopter Compendium

Mar 7, 2019

Between 2017-2018, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) undertook a series of studies to investigate the potential market size for the Reinvented Toilet (RT) and potential market entry strategies. This report profiles 8 potential early adopter segments for the RT: U.S. Military; Refugees; Tourism Sites in China and India; Hospitals in India; Eager Municipalities in China; Green Buildings; Trains in India; and U.S. National Parks. Many of these early adopter segments hold potential to unlock other ‘global access’ markets – including the 4.5 billion people globally living without access to safely managed sanitation – by demonstrating the transformative power of these technologies, driving down costs, and generating insights to refine product design for mass market appeal. This report examines where the highest unlock potential for the RT might reside and how those early adopter segments might be leveraged to expand into other global access markets.

Key Topics:

  • Framework for Prioritization
  • Early Adopter Launch Strategy
  • Segment Deep Dives
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