South Africa: Municipal Sanitation

STeP or Partner: SP Investment Holdings
Country of focus: South Africa
Published date: April 2019

Brief description:

This study focuses on the Reinvented Toilet (RT) sanitation landscape for South African municipalities. The report provides nine key recommendations for sanitation technology innovators considering the South African market and highlights eight key factors municipalities consider when procuring new sanitation technologies. Insights are driven by qualitative interviews and data at both national and municipal levels. Readers can apply these insights to tailor design and go-to-market strategy for your sanitation technology to the South African context. A data-rich annex provides readers with a deeper understanding of the demographics and sanitation technology experiences of 23 South African municipalities.

Key topics:

  • State of sanitation services and technology innovations in South Africa
  • Sanitation technology procurement by municipalities
  • National and municipal legal frameworks governing sanitation
Sanitation technology innovations, sanitation data, water resources, electricity, planning instruments, regulatory environment, funding, service delivery