Gender in Sanitation: A Resource for Commercial Partners

STeP or Partner: BMGF
Country of focus: Global
Published date: March 2019

Brief description:

This resource aims to provide readers with a guide to integrating a gender lens into sanitation solutions, including technology, policy, and others. Readers should expect to come away with: An understanding of how gender influences sanitation and the resulting impacts of sanitation on gender-related outcomes; working knowledge of the language and terminology used in gender and sanitation; gender-related elements to keep in mind when designing sanitation solutions and go-to-market strategies; examples of what can go wrong when gender is not considered in sanitation solutions; and a path forward to integrating a gender lens into sanitation solutions.

Key topics:

  • Overview of gender and sanitation
  • Gender vocabulary
  • Gender influences across the sanitation value chain
  • What does this mean for Commercial Partners?
Gender analysis, gender barriers, gender differences, health outcomes, economic outcomes, gender disparities, gender relations, sanitation policies, gender integration, intersectionality, gender narrative, gender data, product design,