Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of Model Fecal-Sludge Management and Sewer-Based Systems in India

STeP or Partner: Stantec
Country of focus: India
Published date: February 2019

Brief description:

The value proposition of a given technology is in part, driven by whether it can compete on cost with incumbent technologies. This analysis explores the levelized cost of treatment of fecal sludge management (FSM) and sewer-based systems currently in use in India to determine where OP technologies can best compete and what cost targets must likely be achieved to compete in those markets. For the analysis, a cost framework tool was created that generates capital, operating, and all-in cost curves on a per-population-equivalent basis for modelled incumbent systems.

Key topics:

  • Lifecycle costs
  • Cost competitiveness of sewer-based versus non-sewer based solutions
  • System capital and operating costs
price, cost, sewer, treatment, system, electric, land, collection, vacuum, truck, sewage treatment plant, STP, fecal sludge treatment plant, FSTP