Business Model Insights for Community and Public Toilets in India

STeP or Partner: STeP
Country of focus: India
Published date: February 2019

Brief description:

In India, despite increased government investment and private- and civil-sector engagement, ample room for improvement in community and public toilet (CPT) quality and service delivery still exists. Sparse evidence of sustainable CPT business models limits the sector’s knowledge of how business model innovation could transform the future of CPTs in India. Multiple organizations — five of which are featured in this report — are actively innovating their business models to address persistent challenges. Case studies from other sectors – including water, renewable energy, and agriculture – show how similar challenges are being tackled with business model innovations for other base-of-pyramid markets. These organizational examples offer important lessons and inspiration for the sanitation sector in India and other contexts that rely heavily on shared sanitation infrastructure.

Key topics:

  • Base-of-pyramid markets
  • Community and public toilet (CPT) market
  • CPT business model innovations
  • Business model innovations from other sectors
Swachh Bharat Mission, SBM, Finance, Public Private Partnership, PPP, RT, Reinvented Toilet, OP, Omni Processor, OI, Omni Ingestor