A J-OP Case Study: Dakar, Senegal

STeP or Partner: STeP; Delvic; Dr. Apoorv Agarwal, Principal, Ingineering Innovation LLC; Jerry Hudson, Principal, Prosperity Innovations LLC
Country of focus: Senegal
Published date: January 2019

Brief description:

To de-risk the technology and enable widespread commercial deployment, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the deployment of a pilot J-OP in Dakar, Senegal in 2015. The project was undertaken through local partners ONAS and Delvic. The city is now preparing to receive the first commercial system in early 2019. Learn about why Dakar was chosen, explore the business case for the commercial unit and understand the roles and responsibilities of key project partners.

Key topics:

  • Senegal’s sanitation landscape
  • J-OP Project Design: from pilot to commercial unit
  • J-OP financial sustainability

2 Page Summary

on-site sanitation, waste to energy, wte, biosolids, sewage treatment plant, stp, fecal sludge treatment plant, fstp, price, value proposition, VP, Go-to-market, G2M, market, treatment, municipal solid waste, msw, water, government