Case Studies in Gender Integration

STeP or Partner: Partner
Country of focus: Global
Published date: February 2018

Brief description:

Lack of awareness about gender differences and inequalities can create barriers to effective sanitation programming. Integrating a gender lens, on the other hand, can reveal important differences and inequalities. These case studies in gender and sanitation are intended to offer readers an opportunity to unpack and understand the role of gender differences in driving sanitation outcomes, how programs identify and seek to address these differences, and whether the program also promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment. Each of the three sanitation sector case studies focuses on different parts of the value chain to illustrate the many ways that gender impacts sanitation outcomes for men and women.

Key topics:

  • Gender differences along the sanitation value chain
  • Real world applications
  • Policy and programming
Kenya, Sanivation, value chain, bluebox, toilet, briquettes, household, women, gender, staff, household, service, servicing, toilets, waste