Cost and Revenue Driver Data to Inform Sanitation System Economics

STeP or Partner: STeP
Country of focus: Global
Published date: 2017

Brief description:

As partners build technologies, devise business models, and develop market launch strategies, they may seek additional economic data to support financial analysis and strategic decision making. This resource catalogues key cost and revenue drivers in 28 low and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. This dataset is for users analyzing sanitation system economics, undertaking system design and business planning activities.

Key topics:

  • grid electricity tariffs (industrial users)
  • estimated diesel genset electricity price
  • estimated average cost of electricity, taking into account reliance on diesel generators
  • diesel pump prices
  • municipal water tariffs
  • corporate tax rates
  • commercial debt interest rates
  • estimated value of heat
  • fecal sludge tipping fees*

* Tipping fee data is extremely limited because few countries have fecal sludge tipping fees in place.

low and middle income countries, LMIC, africa, south america, asia, north america